6 Ways to Increase Your Messaging Traffic

Boost traffic, customer relationships and engagement.

November 5, 2018

Written by Chad McNeill

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  • Increasing traffic through Facebook optimization
  • Online and offline conversion
  • Boost engagement with campaigns

You’ve created an Airy Messenger account, you’re starting to see the power of messaging with customers, and now you’re wondering how you can get more customers to message you. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with these 6 simple solutions to increase your messaging traffic.

1. Optimize Your Facebook page

Encourage visitors to message you with every post you make and each visit to your page. Your Facebook page can have a specific CTA (call to action) button – a blue button that suggests the visitor should perform a certain action. In order to receive more messages, activate the “Send Message” button option in your page settings. 

You can also add the “Send Message” CTA to all your posts. The next time you send a post, click on the 3 dots in the bottom right of the post creator. Select “Get Messages” and everyone interested in your post will be automatically directed to send you a message.

2. Messaging Ads

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 Similar to changing the CTA on your Facebook page and your posts, you can add a message button to your ads in order to improve your messaging traffic. 

When you combine messaging ads with creative incentives you get highly effective and engaging campaigns that motivate viewers to initiate meaningful conversations which form long lasting relationships with your business. The precise targeting methods used by Facebook and Instagram make integrated ads an even more effective part of your marketing mix.  

Tropical Clothing Face Book Ads

If you need help with creating engaging messaging ads, feel free to reach out to us. Airy is already in your contacts of our app and we’re always happy to hear from our customers.

3. Convert Online Traffic

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Converting existing traffic into personal relationships with Airy Messenger is a powerful way to communicate with your customers. Converting communication channels from email to messaging reduces costs by 75%, increases open rates by 4x, increases customer satisfaction by 33%, and has an ROI of nearly 10x. Facebook’s Chat Plugin can easily help you in your migration to messaging. Visitors can have a conversation with you without leaving your website which immediately establishes a relationship with your business in more reliable way than what Live Chat can offer. If you’re currently unavailable, simply reply when you can – customers will be notified and can respond when they are ready. Want to learn more? Check out our tutorial on how to customize & add at the Facebook Chat Plugin to your website.

Airy Messenger - Add Facebook Chat Plugin

4. Convert Offline Traffic

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Engage your customers right where they are. Do you have a store front? Do you find business cards to be an ineffective way to connect with customers? Prompt visitors to message you and immediately establish a meaningful connection. Airy’s QR codes work seamlessly and convert foot traffic to relationships. Messaging is a great way to keep customers up-to-date on inventory, events, and other general info. With one simple tap customers can start a conversation that will create a long-lasting relationship. Need help creating a QR code for your Airy account? Simply message us to find out more – we’re always happy to help.  

Marmot Messaging Campaign

5. Convert Existing Contact Lists

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You’ve invested time and money into building a base of contacts, email addresses, and phone numbers. That’s great, those contact points are extremely valuable, useful, and there is no need to get rid of them just because there are new channels to communicate with your customers.  Sadly people don’t really open traditional newsletters anymore, whereas the open rates of Messages are 4x higher than email. The best way to convert your old contacts is to send out an announcement to all your various leads encouraging them to contact you via messaging. Give them an incentive, like 10% off their next order, so that you can build a conversation list that actually converts! When you’re ready, and If you need help, feel free to reach out to us in the Airy App or shoot us an email to info@airy.co we’re here to help.

6. Boost Engagement with Campaigns

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In order to boost Engagement with existing customers, Airy offers custom subscriptions and campaigns using our various Intelligent Automations. An automation starts as soon as a customer reaches out to you. Automations can be used to deliver all types of information from vouchers to newsletters to custom content. Your contacts can easily opt-in to the content they want and receive regular updates and announcement from your brand. 

Click here to learn more about automations and campaigns.

Airy Subscriptions and Campaigns
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