7 Steps to Better Customer Messaging

Improve your messaging game by following these pro tips!
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December 4, 2018

Written by Chad McNeill

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  • How to adopt messaging
  • The right conversational tone for messaging
  • How to encourage customers to message with you

Without a doubt, messaging is the superior channel to communicate with your customers. It has a 4x higher conversion rate than e-mail and works on a personal level that is far more trusted and meaningful than traditional channels. 

Making the switch from email to messaging is not as easy as flipping a switch. Messaging is a unique channel and has its own set of unwritten rules. Airy routinely sees businesses struggle to adopt messaging coming from an email world. That’s why we are eager to help every business get the most out of messaging and build long lasting customer relationships that boost revenue.

Here are 7 steps your business can implement to improve your messaging strategy:

1. Prepare

Set everything up before you start messaging.  Prepare your Facebook page and optimize existing assets towards messaging. Learn more about that here.

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2. It’s How You Say It

Messaging is not e-mail. Keep that in mind. When you send a message to your customers via Airy Messenger, it will appear in-between messages with their friends. Ideally, your message blends right in and motivates a customer to reply to you just like they would reply to their loved ones. So how do you that? It’s about how you say it. Talk to your customers in a friendly, upbeat tone. Don’t shy away from using emojis occasionally, and find that crucial balance between staying professional and business-appropriate, while remaining personal. Messaging is not a formal channel, don’t try to make it one.

It’s also a question of layout: Where emails tend to have several line breaks between the salutation and the content, messages formatted like that are irritating. In the majority of cases, one textblock is ideal. If the message is longer, several blocks of text can be split up in individual messages.

7 Steps To Better Customer Messaging

3. Consistency Is Key

Consistency is not just for big organizations – having a consistent language across agents, departments, and use cases is extremely important. As mentioned earlier, the conversation between you and your customer will appear next to chats with their familiar faces. So, imagine your brand to be a person, and ask yourself; “what kind of person would my business be and how would they speak?” Once you’ve answered that question, you can formulate precise guidelines and rules on what words to use and how to address the customers you are speaking to.

Make use of Airy’s Saved Replies to simplify that process and make it easier for agents to comply with your guidelines and ideas on how your business speaks. Saved Replies save a lot of time and effort while providing a common user experience.

If you are the only one replying to messages, try to be consistent in your language over a longer period of time, too. When onboarding new agents on the other hand, brief them and make sure that when they pick up a conversation someone else started, the customer does not get the impression they are speaking to multiple agents.

4. Learn From and Adapt to Your Customers

As you know, every customer is different and not everyone likes to be treated the same way. That’s why we offer every Airy user a free Tagging Feature. It allows you to add pieces of information to every contact you’re in touch with. This helps in multiple ways. You can for example add a ‘VIP’ tag to customers that provide a lot of value, or add a ‘Vegan’ tag in order to avoid sending them your Meatlovers special offer. Not only does that prevent debacles from happening, it also reduces noise like asking redundant questions and makes the relationship even more personal.

5. Keep It Brief and Simple

There is one major shift messaging brings with it – brevity. Emails and long-form letters are expected to have a certain length but the way we communicate with each other changed tremendously with the outbreak of personal Messaging. Messages became shorter, the frequency of them being sent increased and so did the expectation of hearing back from whoever you’re talking to.

In order to better your messaging game, we highly recommend being brief and to the point with your customers. Obviously, messages cannot be too long, but also the choice of words matter. Keep it simple. Always try to be most easily understood. Your customers will appreciate the brevity you bring to your messages.

6. Encourage Conversation

Building long lasting customer relationships means encouraging conversation between your business and its customers. Far too often customer communication only begins when there is a problem. This tends to generate a tense relationship based on resolving an issue. While the issue is outstanding, the customer is understandably not open to other offers or updates from your business. So, how can we break this cycle and encourage better customer relationships?  Encourage conversation – turn inbound requests into outbound touchpoints by having a more personal approach with the customer. From the first conversation you have with your customer you can begin tagging them in order to send them hyper-personal news, information and promotions related to their specific interests. When the information and conversation you are having with your customer is personalized to their needs then the customer is more likely to have a positive experience even where there is an issue.

7. Provide Value and Be Visual

Similarly to the previous point, this is also a simple way to keep a conversation going. Give your customers reason to believe it’s beneficial for them to be in a relationship with you. Make them feel like they are a part of your community; welcome them and encourage them to participate. This can come in many forms, just like special offers, event invitations or customized packages for existing customers. Especially for this, using visual assets boosts conversion rates.

No matter what package you subscribe to, Airy offers a great toolset to make your communication as visual as it needs to be. Consumers are more likely to interact with content that involves pictures, GIFs or videos. With Airy Templates, you can not only deliver standard content, but also have pictures and interactive buttons in them motivating users to react. Even more, your messages become very rich in information.


Have you found any other tips & tricks that could be useful for other Airy users? Feel free to send us a message any time and tell us how you’ve improved your messaging game.

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