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Automations & Campaigns 

What they are and why you need them

Airy Messenger - Automations & Campaigns

Traditional communication channels often don’t work.

Waiting in line is annoying, filling out contact forms is painful, and losing the connection after closing a live chat window is problematic for both customers and businesses. Messaging, on the other hand, is proven to be the most efficient channel for B2C communication.

As messaging has gained popularity, Chatbots have become trendy and ubiquitous. “Bots” have been all over Facebook, but rarely evolve into something actually useful; their AI has just never been intelligent enough to conduct an actual conversation with a customer. 

Scenarios like these might look familiar:

Where automations go wrong

What does that mean for your business? It’s simple: Bots pretending to be human do not help you, nor do they help your customers, as they are what can be easily described as dumb. Automations, however, can greatly improve your customer’s experience.

The potential solutions automations poses are immense, but needs to be unleashed cleverly. With Airy’s Intelligent Automations, customers get efficiently funnelled to the information they are looking for. In the event the automation needs help, the conversation is seamlessly redirected to a human. All of this is happening via touch-points they can select, which makes the infamous human/machine misunderstandings impossible. This results in cost and time savings, as usual and simple requests get automatically replied without requiring any human resources. 

In addition to helping customers get the information they need, automations can deliver personalized content in new and unique ways. Messaging campaigns are a far better way to deliver content than over broadcasting channels like email. 

As a little bonus, every customer receiving any information via your Intelligent Automation is now a contact in a long term and meaningful relationship with your business!

Airy Messager Automation Infographic

Airy offers unique styles of Automations

Here are three popular examples for Intelligent Automations that are already used and loved by customers: 

1. Receptionist

(Included in Airy’s Basic plan)

Airy’s Receptionist automates frequently requested information with the help of selectable buttons. Users can easily access opening hours, store locations, or appointment scheduling functions without human assistance. As soon as a human is needed, an agent can simply take over, just like in the example on the right.

Airy's Receptionist Automation
Airy's Receptionist Automation

2. Subscriptions (Included in Airy’s Advanced plan)

Airy offers fully customizable campaign and subscription services that replace e-mail newsletters while being four times as effective. Your contacts can easily opt-in to receive either regular updates or get notified whenever you have a special coming up that is of specific interest to them.

Airy's Campaign Automation

3. Feedback Template (Included in Airy’s Basic plan)

Airy makes it easy to integrate a Feedback Template directly into the conversation. This improves NPS scores and helps prevent 1-star ratings on your  Facebook page, as unsatisfied customers can reach out directly to you. Additionally, positive feedback can be funnelled through your sales team to help up-sell and increase conversion rates.

Airy's Feedback Template

Intelligent Automations are helping businesses of all types, all over the world, save time and money while delivering the content your customers want, in the channel they want to see it. Contact us today to see how Airy can help you get started with an automation package that’s right for you.

Everything your customers need is just a message away!