Google’s Business Messages Starter Guide

Google just launched a new tool for businesses, called Google’s Business Messages. We are very excited to offer this solution to our customers. But what exactly is Google’s Business Messages, and what do you, as a brand or organization, need to know?

What Are Google’s Business Messages?

Google’s Business Messages is a new Google platform, allowing consumers to send messages to the brands they are looking up directly on Google Maps or Local Search. People can ask product or service-related questions in an easy, natural way, chatting as they would with friends and family. Businesses can just as easily answer potential customers, helping clear up any pre-purchase questions and driving quicker sales.

On top of being an easy-to-use chat interface, businesses can work with Airy to automate FAQs, so that customers get the answers they need without burdening support teams. If a customer question is more unique, the conversation automatically transfers over to a human support specialist, ensuring flawless communication in all circumstances.

How Can Google’s Business Messages Help Me Get More Customers?

People on Google are already looking for services or products like yours when they come across your business. In addition, consumers are more likely to get in touch with you if it is convenient for them to do so.

The Message icon helps you stand out from the competition, while advertising that you are easily reachable.

When people write to you, they are already seriously considering your offers. Through Google’s Business Messages, you help them find the answers they need instantly, in order to make a purchase more quickly.

How Are Google’s Business Messages Better than Using the Phone?

This platform make it easier for people to instantly get the answers they seek. Dialing a number, waiting to speak to staff, takes time. With this new solution, consumers can simply type out their question, much as they do in their private life.

If the question is common, thanks to automated answers, people can instantly access the information they need. This helps them make quicker purchasing decisions. If the question is more complex, people can contact the business and then go about their day, safe in the knowledge that they will be notified when a human support agent has responded to their query. This allows businesses to stay in touch with customers and provide a 24/7 service, without having to be available 24/7.

How Do Customers use Google’s Business Messages?

Potential customers can start a conversation with your business when they are on Local Search or Maps and click or tap on your name. Upon first opting for the Message option, a chat conversation pops up with a custom greeting. People can next choose from a row of preselected questions. As such, you can already guide your customers and automate the answers.

What Are Automations?

Google’s Business Messages work best with Automations. Automations are a sophisticated type of chatbot businesses can fully customize to address their FAQs. People using the chat see a simple menu with options such as “access opening hours”, “get store location” or even “track my order”. They can also type in their own question, and keywords will match with Airy’s pre-written answers. If no answer is found immediately, the request is passed on to a human. Airy can help you implement Automations, freeing up your support staff’s time for unique requests.

Why Use Airy to Set This Up?

Many brands select a partner to enable Google’s Business Messages.

An official Google and Facebook partner, we at Airy believe that, when it comes to helping customers, humans and Automations deliver better results together. Since 2015, we have been working with brands to power up their customer support. We use a fusion of Automations and human interaction. We built a Messaging platform that helps businesses delight customers instantly, reduce support ticket volume, and constantly increase CSAT scores.

Our Automations cater to all business needs. They can be launched across Facebook and Google, creating a targeted, seamless messaging experience at scale.

We’re pleased to have Airy integrate with Google’s Business Messages, whether helping connect customers to a live agent or through interactive, automated replies. Ultimately, it’s about helping businesses better help their customers, and we’re excited to see how Airy’s use of Business Messages will impact both brands and consumers

Rob Lawson, Partnerships: Business Messaging, Google

How Can I Start Using Google’s Business Messages?

Through a partner, such as Airy, you will get professional assistance in setting up, and learning how to use the tool. We will be able to assist you at every step of the way: from implementation through to deployment and optimization. To find out more, get in touch with us.