Better manage your Facebook business inbox for smooth customer communication

For companies looking for an easy, cost-effective way to communicate with their customers, Facebook for Business is one of the best available solutions. Airy Messenger streamlines the messaging side of this powerful social tool by enabling companies to seamlessly manage their Facebook correspondences via an intuitive, well-organized, and collaborative platform. Find out how you, too can better manage your Facebook business inbox.

If you’re a business owner or a stakeholder in your company’s marketing or communications teams, chances are you’ve used Facebook Business Manager or the Pages Manager App. Both of these applications are chock-full of useful features like post scheduling, analytics, and ad creation.

This is a definite perk for some organizations. However, for companies simply looking for a straightforward way to converse with their clients, the added bells and whistles can result in a user experience that is confusing and cumbersome.

In this article, we’ve highlighted five ways that Airy Messenger delivers this straightforward conversational experience without the headache that’s caused by a surplus of added features.

1) Messaging Made Simple

As mentioned, Facebook provides companies with a host of really great tools. Not all of them are necessary for every organization, though, and some functions will inevitably end up being more important than others.

Many restaurants and bars receive messages on Facebook from patrons inquiring about opening times, reservations, private parties, and more.

Gastronomy is a perfect use case. Many restaurants and bars receive messages on Facebook from patrons inquiring about opening times, reservations, private parties, and more.

The Facebook Inbox is invaluable to these businesses as it provides a steady stream of potential clients. And it’s worth will become even more precious as more and more customers gravitate towards messaging businesses.

2) Saved Replies, Feature-Rich Templates, and Intelligent Automations

You may or may not be aware of the fact that you can create saved replies to commonly asked questions with Facebook Business Manager. Taking advantage of this function is an easy way to create more time in you schedule for more involved requests or other tasks in general.

This feature–with the added option to create saved replies with interactive images–comes included in all three Airy subscription plans.

Saved Replies with Interactive Images are a great tool for saving time and engaging customers.

Those looking to make their messaging even more sophisticated can automate replies with Airy’s Intelligent Automations, which are included in the Basic and Advanced subscription plans.

While saved replies are an available in Facebook Business Manager, Intelligent Automations are not. This feature is specific to Airy and enhances the overall messaging experience for customers and businesses by seamlessly passing off more complex requests to human agents.

If your company really wants to maximize its messaging experience, you can also pair Airy’s Intelligent Automations with our Messaging Subscriptions to create personalized messaging campaigns so that your clients are always informed and up-to-date with the goings-on of your organization. We’ll even help you customize them to tailor fit your business’ needs.

3) Collaborative Inbox

Few oversights will damage your rapport with your customers like sluggish response time. No one likes to wait, especially if it’s important. To avoid this, you’ll likely need to conscript the help of one or more coworkers to check incoming messages to ensure that high priority conversations don’t go unnoticed.

Airy Messenger was designed with this in mind. Our Unified Messaging Inbox allows your team to respond to messages in unison, assign conversations to one another, and prioritize customers with Custom Tags, Star Rating, and Filters.

4) Page Roles and Rights

If you’ve ever tried to assign page roles to your colleagues through Business Manager, then you know that things can get a little complicated. There are six different page roles, all with varying levels of rights.

Should you grant your team members admin, editor, or moderator status? But what about analyst, jobs manager, and advertiser?

Luckily, with Airy things are much easier. You don’t have to decide on a page role before providing your colleagues access to Airy Messenger. Invite your team members to collaborate simply by entering their first name, last name, and email address.

As a final note, some organizations might not feel comfortable with granting Facebook privileges to their employees. Especially when there is sensitive payment information stored in Business Manager.

Furthermore, the settings of more complex functions in this application could accidentally be altered by someone who isn’t familiar with it.

5) Real Time Notifications

There isn’t much point in using a messaging service if you don’t receive reliable notifications. Remember the industrious restaurateur we mentioned earlier in the article?

Missing a message from a potential customer that wants to rent out their entire restaurant for a party would mean missing out on several hundreds–if not thousands–of dollars.

With Airy Messenger, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive notifications in real time, whether you’re using our web app or on a tablet or mobile device.

And when you grant access to multiple team members, they’ll also receive the same notifications, thus improving the chances that important messages will be read and replied to in a timely manner.

Better Manage Your Facebook Business Inbox, Starting Today

The last thing communicating with your customers should be is difficult. We have multiple solutions, both free and paid, to help your company maintain productive, ongoing relationships with your clients. To find out more about how to better manage your Facebook business inbox, get in touch with us.