See how Messenger for customer service helps you better help others

There’s no shortage of customer service software for companies to choose from. To provide the best possible support, many businesses use a bundle of such programs. For those looking to adopt messaging as a channel, Airy Messenger can be customized to fit your existing technology stack.

Humans are creatures of habit and that is particularly true in the workplace. It can be difficult to get into a rhythm and establish a productive workflow, both for individuals and teams. Finding the right tools for the job is also part of that process, and it usually requires some trial and error.

It makes sense, then, that departments like customer service―already required to juggle several programs and lines of communication―can be hesitant to try new applications. Fortunately, Airy Messenger can be integrated into established processes. Here are three reasons why:

1) Airy Can Be Customized to Your Technology Stack

We get it. You’ve already spent a lot of time testing programs and finding the ones that work best for your organization’s needs. Why complicate that? With Airy Messenger, you don’t have to. We can customize our product so that it doesn’t conflict with others.

Conversations from Airy Messenger automatically populate in the inbox for other customer service platforms like Zendesk (see image below).

For example, we’ve enabled Airy Messenger to sync with popular customer service platforms like Zendesk. Facebook Messages from Airy are automatically redirected into the inbox of these applications. This prevents customer service agents from having to toggle back and forth between different platforms, which makes life easier.

2) Fewer FAQs and Increased Customer Satisfaction

Airy’s Messaging Automations help answer frequently asked questions, which has been shown to reduce volume for customer service teams by up to 50%. If our automations are unable to satisfy a customer’s inquiry, they’re redirected to a support agent. This frees up time and resources to focus on more pressing, involved requests.

Airy’s Messenger Automations help reduce the workload of customer support teams.

Furthermore, studies from McKinsey confirm that messaging automations are able to increase customer satisfaction, as measured by NPS scores, by up to 33%.

3) There’s No Learning Curve

Unless your team plans to use our Unified Messaging Inbox, there’s no learning curve associated with Airy Messenger. As mentioned, it can be customized so that incoming messages will be redirected to your existing customer service platform. Therefore, your employees will rarely have to interface with Airy Messenger, which means that you won’t have to set aside time to instruct them on how to use yet another product.

Airy Messenger is instrumental in providing positive customer service experiences, for all parties involved.

Additionally, we offer full assistance with creating and implementing our time-saving Messaging Automations. We spare you the hard, technical stuff so that you can focus on what matters most: providing great customer service.

Messenger for Customer Service: Final Thoughts

For customer service teams, there’s little risk in integrating messaging into existing workflows. In fact, given Airy Messenger’s unique ability to reduce work volume and increase customer happiness, the only true risk involved is deciding not to use it.

Still have questions about Messenger for customer service? We’d be happy to answer them. Feel free to get in touch.