“Over the last 2 years, Airy has helped us acquire new customers in all our markets, driving our customer acquisition costs down by 50%. Now we are engaging our customers with Messenger Marketing & automating our service requests. We are extremely pleased with Airy and look forward to continuing to work together.”

Martin Meyer – Team Lead Marketing, John Reed Fitness

Airy’s Solution – Step 1: Lead Generation via Facebook and Instagram Ads

To spread the word about Free Trial Trainings, John Reed and Airy took a geo-targeted approach to Messenger Marketing.

Airy set up, managed and optimized click-to-Messenger ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Targeting was set to people between the ages of 24 and 65 interested in fitness and music who live, or recently were, within a 2 to 6 mile radius of each club.

The call-to-action of the ads was “Send Message”. Once clicked upon, a Messenger conversation would pop up.

Airy’s Solution – Step 2: Lead Capture via Messaging

After clicking on the ad, people are captured automatically in a Messenger conversation. Following a first personal welcome message, the leads are saved as contacts in Airy and can be qualified and nurtured.

Just as is the case with friends or family, these conversations live in Facebook Messenger. As such, a conversation that got started on mobile can continue also days later and on the web.

Airy’s Solution – Step 3: Automated Lead Qualification

In the conversation, Airy’s Automation first takes over and qualifies the lead without any human help.

The first message is personal and gives people several options to choose from. They can self-serve more information on the club, such as location and opening times, or directly go for a trial training.

The automation works 24/7, delivering the right information at the right time to each contact, all in short, engaging messages. These are both multi-medial, with photos and videos of each gym, and interactive, with further information behind each button.

In the last step, contacts are guided to choose which type of training they prefer.

Airy’s Solution – Step 4: Converting the Lead in the Gym

The last step happens in the gym, in person, and completes the online to offline campaign: with a Google Maps Integration, the lead is guided directly to his or her nearest gym.
There, she or he checks in via Messenger and is greeted by the studio personnel.

In all John Reed studios, the Airy App is installed on iPads, centrally organized by the John Reed HQ IT department.
On the iPads, the studio personnel can track the check-in status of each lead, answer questions contacts may have and engage with them directly.

Equipped with all this knowledge before a lead even enters the studio, John Reed staff can deliver a truly personalized experience for the first trial training.

The Results
A Powerful and Scalable Conversational Funnel

Over multiple campaigns, John Reed and Airy saw the following results:

  • 50% lower CAC than prior to working with Airy
  • 5€ cost per Messenger Contact acquired (4x improvement compared to the average Facebook cost per lead of 21$)
  • 25% and higher conversion rates from contact to customer