The Goal

Optimize Sales Potential Through Perfectly Targeted Campaigns

Before working with Airy, ZooRoyal saw messages trickling in, and wanted to jump on the messaging bandwagon to develop one-on-one relationships with all (potential) customers. While providing a smooth customer experience, ZooRoyal wished to generate and segment as many relevant contacts as possible, keep people engaged with personalized Messenger promotions and convert potential customers into repeat buyers.

Airy’s Solution

Using a Personal Channel to Connect Over an Emotional Topic

Love and passion for pets not only connects the ZooRoyal brand and customers but was at the heart of all campaigns from Day 1.

Airy began by setting up targeted click-to-Messenger ads to promote ZooRoyal’s Newsletter, promising exclusive deals for subscribers’ furry friends. Once people clicked on an ad, a Messenger conversation popped up, just as it would with friends or family, confirming people’s intention to sign up to the newsletter. This automated process allowed ZooRoyal to generate contacts in just two clicks, without any brand-side human interaction.

Airy and ZooRoyal next developed a segmentation of newly acquired contacts. One hour after signing up for the newsletter, a playful, automated survey was sent out, asking subscribers if they preferred dogs, cats or loved all animals. From these results, Airy created segmented subscriber groups that allowed ZooRoyal to release highly targeted content and promotions on a weekly basis.

The Results

A Direct Impact on Sales – and Happy Customers

In one quarter, ZooRoyal obtained:

  • Over 18,500 Messenger contacts
  • An average return on ad spend of 39:1
  • Peak ROAS of up to 237 with both content & promotional campaigns
  • Open rates between 60-97% and click through rates between 10-53%

These campaigns further allowed ZooRoyal to gain a better understanding of top customer segments, thanks to reports divulging subscriber demographics (age groups, locations, gender,…). This information can now be leveraged to create more narrowly defined audience targeting.

Last but definitely not least, each campaign generated positive customer reactions, showing that Messaging truly is a channel where people feel comfortable communicating, not just with friends and family but also with brands they care about.

People frequently responded to automated messages with photos of their pets, heartfelt comments (“I love all animals” or “I have 3 dogs and 1 cat”) and encouraging emojis or stickers.

As evidenced by ZooRoyal’s campaigns, the right mix of customisation and automation in a personal channel like Messenger can get people talking, drive customer loyalty and, ultimately, increase e-commerce revenue.