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Facebook Chat Plugin Customization

Stay engaged with your customers on your website and create long-lasting, meaningful connections using messaging. 

Facebook’s Chat Plugin is an outstanding tool that works seamlessly with Airy Messenger. Visitors of your website can message you directly establishing a valuable relationship. Even if they leave your website, messages you send them via Airy Messenger will still be received.


Follow these 6 easy steps:

Airy Messenger - Add Facebook Chat Plugin

1  As a page admin, navigate to your Facebook page and select Settings in the menu on the top right.

Click on Messenger Platform and scroll to the very bottom.

Airy Messenger - Customize Facebook Chat Plugin

3  When you see the Customer Chat Plugin option, click on Set Up to start creating and customizing your plugin.

Airy Messenger - Customize Facebook Chat Plugin

4  You should see several possibilities to customize the experience of your future website visitors. First, you can choose what language the Customer Chat Plugin is in and/or a replace the default “Hi! How can we help you?“ greeting with whatever message you prefer. Once you’ve made your decisions click Next to proceed.

Airy Messenger - Customize Facebook Chat Plugin

5 The next step will allow you to choose custom colors for your plugin to match your site or brand’s aesthetic. This step is optional.

6  You’ll need to find your complete homepage address (which looks similar to ). Copy and paste it in the top left box.

Finally, decide whether to send the implementation instructions to your webmaster or do it yourself. Instructions for implementing the code yourself can be found in the next tutorial.

Airy Messenger - Customize Facebook Chat Plugin

Step 7 – Add Chat Plugin To Your Website