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Channels UI


Use the Channels UI to connect your sources simply and directly with a UI.


With the Channels UI you can connect your sources via UI


Connect Channel Example


  • Airy Live Chat
    • Step 1: Sign up and log in
    • Step 2: Set up first source
    • Step 3: Send messages via the Chat Plugin
    • Step 4: Use the HTTP API to list conversations
    • Step 5: Consume directly from Apache Kafka
  • Facebook
    • Step 1: Find the App ID and Secret
    • Step 2: Configure the webhook integration
    • Step 3: Obtain the page token
    • Step 4: Connect Facebook page to your instance
  • Twilio SMS & Twilio Whatsapp
    • Step 1: Find the authToken and accountSid
    • Step 2: Configure the webhook integration
    • Step 3: Connect a Twilio provider to your instance
  • Google
    • Step 1: Registration
    • Step 2: Editing of the yaml file in Airy Core
    • Step 3: Verification by Google
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