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Tags are words, or combinations of words, that you can use to add more context to conversations and contacts.

Tags provide an unlimited amount of flexibility to manage and customize conversational workflow.

Here are the ways you can create tags:

  • Use the Tag API to create them programmatically
  • Your users can create them manually directly in conversations
  • They can be created in the Tag Manager

The tags configuration served by the client.config endpoint is used for the tags' default styling.


When you create a tag, you can choose a color to visually identify it in the Inbox. This can also be done via the Create Tags API.

Create Tags


When editing tags, you can change the name and the color of each tag. This can also be done via the Edit Tags API.

Edit Tags


Deleting a tag means removing it from all corresponding contacts. A tag can not be used once it has been deleted. This can also be done via the Delete Tags API.

Delete Tags