Saved Replies and Message Templates: A Quick Intro

Make the most of Airy Messenger by using our Saved Replies and feature-rich Message Templates!
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April 18, 2019

Written by Mason Mitchel

What we cover in this article

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  • Overview of Airy's messaging templates
  • Why they're useful
  • Use cases for messaging templates

Airy Messenger is a multi-functional business tool. Features like Saved Replies and Image Templates not only increase productivity, they also help to make the customer messaging experience more enjoyable.

When logging into Airy Messenger, you’ll find a dashboard on the left-hand side of your screen where you can access the following: Messages, Contacts, Templates, and Settings. The Templates section is where you’ll find, as you may have guessed, a variety of templates which can be used to easily create saved replies to frequently asked questions.

In this tutorial, we’ll provide a quick overview of each type of template that we currently offer. You’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with these as soon as possible. Airy’s customizable templates are an indispensable messaging tool that will save you time and enable you to focus on more involved customer service requests.

Saved Reply Template

The most basic template that Airy offers is the Saved Reply Template, which can be used to compose text-only responses to a variety of frequently asked questions.

GIF of Airy's Saved Replies.

We’ve included screenshots of what the Saved Reply Template looks like prior to editing, as well as an example of how the template can be used in conversation.

Button Template

The Button Template is very similar to the Saved Reply Template. However, in addition to read-only text, users can also add hyperlinks.

GIF of Airy's Button Templates

This feature comes in handy when you want to conduct polls, gather feedback, or direct customers to a section of your website that contains valuable information, discount codes, and more.

Image Template

Airy’s Image Template combines all of the features of the first two templates with the added option to incorporate images and video!

GIF of Airy's Image Templates

When creating templates to inform your customers about sales, special events, and other promotions, be sure to include enticing visual assets when possible. They will bring your messages to life and pique the interest of your audience.

Customer Feedback Template

Soliciting customer feedback is an essential task for any company that wants to strengthen relations with their customers and find new, innovative ways to cater to their specific needs. Thanks to Airy’s Customer Feedback Template, it has never been easier.

Picture of Airy's customer feedback template.

Customers can indicate how satisfied they are with your business by choosing one of three options: a happy emoji, a neutral emoji, or a sad emoji.

If a happy emoji is selected, you can also ask the customer to leave a positive review on Facebook. In the event that they’re dissatisfied, you can ask for further feedback to help resolve the situation.


Saved Replies and Image Templates are just a few of the many great features from Airy that your business can use to better engage its customers. To find out how to incentivize your customers so that they keep messaging you, check out our recent article on Messenger Marketing.

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