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November 8, 2018

Written by Mason Mitchel

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  • The downsides to traditional chatbots
  • The benefits of Airy's automations and campaigns
  • The types of automations Airy offers

As messaging has gained popularity, chatbots have become trendy and ubiquitous. Many companies have employed bots on platforms like Facebook to streamline customer support, but more often than not they create more problems than they solve.

If you’ve ever interacted with a Facebook Messenger bot, then scenarios like these might look familiar:

Where automations go wrong

It’s clear that something is amiss in the conversation―that something being the chatbot. For customers, these types of interactions are annoying. For businesses, they should underscore one important truth: Bots pretending to be human do not help you, nor do they help your customers, as they are what can be easily described as dumb. Automations, however, can greatly improve the experience of your customers.

The benefits that automations pose are immense. They result in cost and time savings, as they automatically answer FAQs and simple requests. With Airy’s Messaging Automations, customers are efficiently guided to the information they are looking for via touchpoints they can select. In the event that the automation needs help, the conversation is seamlessly redirected to a human. This prevents frustration that arises from trying to hold a conversation with a non-human interlocutor.

Airy Messager Automation Infographic

In addition to helping customers get the information they need, automations can be used to deliver personalized content. If you choose to put a Messenger newsletter automation in place, your contacts will have the option of signing up for your business’ newsletter. This acts as an opt-in that’s similar to signing up for an email newsletter.

Your business will then have permission to share marketing materials via Messenger― from coupons to notifications about sales, events, and more. It’s possible to customize Messenger newsletters based on your contacts’ Facebook data, which means that whatever you choose to share with them will be more engaging and relevant.

Airy Offers Unique Styles of Automations

Here are three popular examples of automations that are currently used and loved by Airy customers:

Messaging Automations

– Included in Airy’s Basic plan

Airy’s Messaging Automations are put in place to answer frequently asked questions. Users can easily navigate a simple menu to do things like access opening hours, get store locations, or schedule appointments without human assistance. As soon as a human is needed, an agent can simply take over, just like in the example below. Our Messaging Automations help businesses of all types save valuable time and money, while simultaneously providing an overall better customer experience.

Airy's Receptionist Automation
Airy's Receptionist Automation


– Included in Airy’s Advanced plan

Airy offers fully customizable Messaging Subscriptions that function similarly to email newsletters, but perform, on average, four times as well. Your contacts can easily opt-in to receive such subscriptions and you can segment them when creating campaigns based on their Facebook data. 

Interested in seeing just how effective Messaging Subscriptions can be when put into action? Then check out our case study on the Komische Oper Berlin.

Airy's Campaign Automation

Customer Feedback Template

– Included in Airy’s Basic plan

Airy makes it easy to solicit valuable feedback from customers through our Customer Feedback Template. Customers can indicate how satisfied they are with your business by choosing one of three options: a happy emoji, a neutral emoji, or a sad emoji.

If a happy emoji is selected, you can also ask the customer to leave a positive review on Facebook. In the event that they’re dissatisfied, you can ask for further feedback to help resolve the situation. This improves NPS scores and helps prevent low ratings on your  Facebook page. Additionally, positive feedback can be funnelled through your sales team to help up-sell and increase conversion rates.

Airy's Feedback Template


Now that you’ve got a better idea of the benefits of Airy’s Messaging Automations and Subscriptions, be sure to check out our handy guide on tips for better customer messaging.

This article was originally published on November 8th, 2018 and last updated on July 8th, 2019.

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