Messenger Marketing: The Email Marketing Alternative You Need to Know About

Messaging is a powerful marketing tool that enables companies to distribute unique and relevant material to customers with incomparable precision.

March 21, 2019

Written by Mason Mitchel

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  • The problems with email marketing
  • The benefits of messenger marketing
  • Examples of messenger marketing

Many companies use Airy Messenger to communicate with their customers. However, messaging is just one of the useful products that Airy offers. Those looking to take their customer engagement to the next level can do so with Airy Messaging Subscriptions, a highly-effective marketing tool that delivers incomparable results.

When you think of messaging, what comes to mind? Facebook Messenger chats with friends? WhatsApp conversations with co-workers, maybe. Perhaps Airy Messenger exchanges with customers. Whatever the channel, messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication today.

And it’s not hard to see why. Messaging is a refreshing and casual alternative to other forms of communication. It’s asynchronous and lends itself to flowing, ongoing conversations that can be perpetuated or paused at the convenience of the participants.

There’s much more to messaging than great conversation, though. There’s also immense marketing potential. With Airy Messaging Subscriptions, companies can send Messenger campaigns that contain important updates, event information, discount codes, and much more.

What’s especially impressive is that Messenger campaigns have open rates of between 80% and 90%. That’s four times the average email open rate of 20%.

In the following sections, we’ll take a look at some of the specific benefits and use cases of Airy Messaging Subscriptions.

The Antidote to Email Fatigue

One of the best things about Airy is that we provide businesses with a set of sophisticated communications and marketing tools that are complementary and housed on one unified platform.

For example, if you’re already using Airy Messenger to manage your Facebook conversations, you can easily convert those existing contacts (and all future ones, as well) into valuable marketing leads by pairing Airy messenger with Airy Intelligent Automations.

These automations efficiently handle incoming messages by answering frequently asked questions, directing more complex requests to customer care agents, and providing users with the option to subscribe to Messaging Subscriptions.

This is the Facebook Messenger equivalent of signing up for an email newsletter, but better.

Looking for a fresh and innovative marketing platform? Look no further.

Internet users have grown averse to signing up for email newsletters. They’re overwhelmed by the barrage of messages that flood their inboxes and ignore the bulk of them. This phenomenon is referred to as email fatigue.

By comparison, Messaging Subscriptions are new, unfamiliar (and, therefore, less likely to be ignored), and the process of opting-in is much easier: all that’s required is the tap of a finger.

What benefit does this pose to marketers? To begin with, it eliminates the painstaking process of building email lists and sending out email marketing blasts that are almost certain to go unread.

It’s also much easier to acquire detailed information about your leads through Facebook. For example, where they live and work, their gender, how old they are, their interests, and so forth.

This is all highly relevant data that many companies are already using to deliver personalized, precise, and inspiring content that drives messaging engagement and increases customer satisfaction.

Here are a few use cases to give you an idea of what’s possible with Airy Messaging Subscriptions.

Meet the Modern Coupon

Retailers in particular benefit from Messaging Subscriptions. Coupons, discounts, and other promotional offers have long been used by companies to draw in new customers and incentivize existing ones to return.

But, in a sea of advertisements, both print and digital, these offers can easily be overlooked. When distributed through Airy, however, that isn’t the case.

Since messaging allows you to segment your audience based on their demographics, you can create custom campaigns tailored to their interests, location, and other relevant criteria.

Marmot Mountain Europe, an outdoor sporting and good retailer, is an excellent example of a company that has successfully used Airy Messaging Subscriptions to deliver promotional offers to its customers.

Screenshot of Marmot messaging campaign
Send promotional offers straight to your customers’ smartphones.

In a 2017 winter promotion, the company sent a messaging campaign via Airy which gave users the opportunity to generate a voucher within Facebook Messenger that could be redeemed in Marmot’s brick and mortar stores.

The campaigned performed exceptionally well, with open rates of up to 85%, click-through rates of 15% and in-store transaction rates of 3%.

Thereafter, Marmot reappropriated its entire yearly marketing budget to focus on messenger marketing with Airy and Facebook.

Better Event Planning

Airy Messaging Subscriptions are also a great medium for companies and organizations to announce upcoming or special events.

One leading cultural institution in Berlin, the Komische Oper, does so regularly, and recently informed their messaging contacts about the availability of tickets for a performance of West Side Story which had previously been sold out.

Keep your Facebook followers up-to-date with Airy Messaging Subscriptions

Over 1,300 followers received the message, and 91% of them opened it!

Public response to this campaign was overwhelmingly positive, as well. One guest remarked: “Thank you very much! This is a great service.” Thank you! We ordered tickets for the performance and are very much looking forward to it!”

Updates likes this are a great way to incentivize loyal customers and ensure that exactly the right audience is informed about the goings-on of your company.

No Update Too Small

What if you’re a business that has information to share with the public that can’t be categorized as a one-time promotional offer or special event?

Restaurants are a perfect example of this. Their menus are ever-changing and dependent on factors like availability and seasonality, and they’re marketed every day on a sidewalk chalkboard easel.

Such updates are also perfect for messenger marketing campaigns! Restaurateurs can now modernize the Menu du jour and reach a wider audience thanks to Airy.

In fact, many restaurants in the German capital are doing so already. Nola’s am Weinberg and Fleischerei let customers subscribe to their daily lunch menu through Facebook Messenger. Every day, those who have opted-in receive a notification with a hyperlink to the day’s offerings.

By sending updates through Messenger, these restaurants provide their customers with useful information that helps them make their lunch plans from the comfort of the office or home.

Stacked up against the sidewalk chalkboard easel, it’s not hard to see who has the competitive advantage.

Interested in integrating Airy Messaging Subscriptions into your company’s marketing strategy? Schedule a demo today!

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