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Airy makes Copilots 100x better with Streaming Data

Airy is a unified solution for data streaming, stream processing & Generative AI

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Build real-time data pipelines and make data universally accessible.

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Airy is an open-source framework with prebuilt connectors to
accelerate building copilots on streaming data.

Build real-time data pipelines and make data universally accessible.

Rapidly prototype copilots
at a fraction of the cost.

Integrate with existing apps, leverage the Kafka ecosystem and connect to foundational models.

For Developers

Deploy open-sourceLLMs directly with streaming infrastructure.

Make the creation of streaming apps using conversational interfaces as easy as using ChatGPT.

For Enterprises

Drive Results, powered by better Data.

Deliver better results through automation & personalization, while significantly reducing time to production for engineering teams.

For Enterprises

Drive Results with Conversational AI, powered by better Data.

Automate & personalize customer communication for higher revenues, increased engagement and happier customers.

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