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Business Impact

Drive Results for
Marketing, Sales and Service.

Drive Revenue

Use Messaging to Drive Revenue

“Airy was essential to our transition to digital growth, we are now ahead of the curve.”

Wassilios Marazopoulos

Project Manager – Corporate Development, TEDi

Customer Acquisition

Capture, qualify & convert leads automatically & cheaper

“Airy continuously helps us get more value out of Messenger marketing and service, driving our customer acquisition costs down by 50%.”

Adam Marcus

Head of Marketing and Music, John Reed Fitness

Customer Engagement

Drive unprecedented engagement that your customers will love

“Airy helped us automate and customize all interactions happening via Messenger.”

Angela Schoeffel

Team Lead Content & Social Media, ZooRoyal

Customer Service

Automate for happier Customers at lower Cost

“Airy helped us completely automate our FAQs, so that customers instantly have access to the information they need and our support team has more time.”

Tom Doulos

VP, Customer Experience, Endy


Google’s Business

with Airy

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Airy is available in every device and here the product is shown in an iPad, iPhone and a computer.

Airy is available everywhere


Easily integrate teams working with large messaging volumes using Airy’s web application.


Stay mobile while taking advantage of a larger interface with Airy’s tablet applications.


Stay close to your customers when you’re on-the-go with Airy’s mobile applications.

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Facebook Messenger

Automate your Facebook conversations and improve your ads.

Google's Business Messages

Shift Phone traffic to automated conversations
on Google Search & Maps.


Connect with more than 1.5 Billion people with templates and agents.

Airy Chat SDKs

Website Live Chat and App SDKs, ready for your Website and App.
Start Conversations

Messaging with Customers - made easy


24/7 available livechat, powered by our automations and your agents.

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Generate leads with Facebook and Instagram ads.

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Google Maps

Enable customers to message your business from Google Maps.

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Google Search

Enable customers to message your business from Google Search.

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Every check-out should start
a conversation.

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Convert your email subscribers to better performing messaging subscribers.

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Drive revenue & lower cost with each message

Apps for Teams

Our unified messaging inbox helps your teams respond faster & better.

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With your first campaign outperform email campaigns by up to 4x, and increase your Marketing ROI up to 8x.

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Airy automations automatically structure messaging traffic for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

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Automatically trigger messages with vouchers and special offers.

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Conversational Data Platform

Integrate with the tools you love

Conversational Data

Own your conversational data. Store it privacy compliant.

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Customer Support

No matter if Zendesk, Salesforce or our own inbox, use our Customer Support integrations out of the box.

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Connected to the Tools You Love

Powerful integrations to acquire, engage and serve your customers.

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