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What is Airy Enterprise?​

Airy Enterprise is your platform of choice when you want to run real-time data use cases at enterprise scale. It includes Airy Core and additional features to address the organizational and technical complexity of running a data platform at enterprise scale.

Some features exclusive to Airy Enterprise:

  • Teams & Routing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Full Text-Search with Elastic
  • Large Language Models integration

Airy Enterprise’s team of support engineers built Airy Core and has world-class experiences supporting brands running real-time ML/AI on true scale.

Additional features​

Ingestion Platformβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Teams & Routingβœ”οΈ
Location Managementβœ”οΈ
E2E Encryption & Storageβœ”οΈ
Full-Text Searchβœ”οΈ
Advanced Analyticsβœ”οΈ
Advanced Notificationsβœ”οΈ
Single-Sign Onβœ”οΈ
Role-based Accountsβœ”οΈ
LLM Supportβœ”οΈ
Flexible Supportβœ”οΈ

Ready to scale with Airy Enterprise?​

Contact us for a demo, and our engineers will jump on a call with you answering all open questions.