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HTTP Client

The @airyhq/http-client package contains a client for making requests to Airy Core API's HTTP endpoints.

The client works both in the browser and Node.js.


Install the npm package via npm or yarn.

npm install --save @airyhq/http-client


yarn add @airyhq/http-client

Initialize the client

The library exports an HttpClient class with public methods that make requests to the Airy Core API.

To get started, instantiate the HttpClient class with your API host URL:

const client = new HttpClient("http://localhost");

Call a method

Each method makes an HTTP request to the Airy Core API and returns a Promise, which resolves with the response data, or rejects with an error.

Some methods require a request payload object passed as an argument: refer to HTTP endpoints' documentation to learn more.

client.listChannels().then(channels => console.debug("channels", channels));