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HTTP Client

The @airyhq/http-client package contains a client for making requests to Airy Core API's HTTP endpoints.

The client works both in the browser and Node.js.


Install the npm package via npm or yarn.

npm install --save @airyhq/http-client


yarn add @airyhq/http-client

Initialize the client#

The library exports an HttpClient class with public methods that make requests to the Airy Core API.

To get started, instantiate the HttpClient class with your API host URL:

const client = new HttpClient("http://localhost");

Call a method#

Each method makes an HTTP request to the Airy Core API and returns a Promise, which resolves with the response data, or rejects with an error.

Some methods require a request payload object passed as an argument: refer to HTTP endpoints' documentation to learn more.

client.listChannels().then(channels => console.debug("channels", channels));
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