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Airy Core architecture


Airy Core is a messaging platform that contains a backend and frontend system.

The backend system is a streaming platform. Its role is to:

  • Ingest conversational events from different sources (mostly via webhook integrations), process them, and store them in an Apache Kafka cluster.
  • Make the processed events available and accessible through the Core API.
  • Expose conversational events via a webhook integration.
  • Manage authentication and authorization features.

The frontend system contains a demo application and the JavaScript integration of the Chat Plugin.

Having that in mind, these are the docker containers – or the Airy Components – which run as part of Airy Core:


  • sources-SOURCE_NAME-webhook - Ingest events from the SOURCE_NAME source
  • sources-SOURCE_NAME-events-router - Process messages from a SOURCE_NAME source
  • sources-SOURCE_NAME-connector - Send and receive events (mostly messages) to and from a SOURCE_NAME source and extract metadata


  • api-admin - Backend services for administration of messaging sources and destinations
  • api-communication - Backend services which expose conversations and messages


  • webhook-publisher - Processes conversational data and write in Redis the events to be exposed to external parties
  • webhook-consumer - Reads from Redis and send events to external webhooks


  • frontend-ui - Web application for viewing messages
  • frontend-chat-plugin - Web chat plugin

Airy Controller#

Airy Core ships with a Kubernetes controller, which is responsible for starting and reloading the appropriate Airy Components based on the provided configuration. The controller is a deployment named airy-controller.

Airy CLI#

Every release features a command line binary, used to configure and fetch status information from your Airy Core instance. This tool is referred to as the Airy CLI throughout the documentation.

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