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Install the Airy CLI

The Airy CLI is a developer tool to help you build, test, and manage Airy Core instances directly from your terminal.

Installing the Airy CLI is easy and straightforward. You can follow the next steps for a quick setup:

Step 1: Check the requirements

Airy is built to run in the cloud, but you can also run it locally. The CLI runs on macOS and Linux and we provide pre-built executable binaries for x86-64.

If you are running on a different platform you can also build it yourself.

Step 2: Install the Airy CLI

Download the latest release

Make sure you have the Xcode Command Line Tools installed. Otherwise you can install them with:

xcode-select --install

Now you can get the CLI straight from our tap:

brew install airyhq/airy/cli

Step 3: Verify your installation

Make sure the output matches the version number you expect:

airy version

🎉 Congratulations!

You have successfully installed Airy CLI! Next step: Choose a way to Deploy Airy Core

Building from source

  1. Build the CLI target with Bazel:
bazel build //cli:airy
  1. Move the airy binary to a file location on your system PATH.
sudo cp bazel-out/darwin-fastbuild/bin/cli/airy /usr/local/bin/airy