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Airy Core comes with all the components you need to stream historical and real-time data.



A component is a Helm Chart (a package of Kubernetes resources) that represents a functional unit in an Airy instance.

Component types

Airy Core contains the following components:


For installation purposes Airy Core is packaged in a Helm chart which creates all the necessary Kubernetes resources. However, every component is an independent entity and can be installed or uninstalled separately. Every component is packaged in its own independent Helm chart and belongs to a repository. By default, the airy-core repository is added with the components that can be found under

You can see all the available components either from the Catalog in the Control center. From the Control center you can also install, uninstall, configure, enable or disable the components.

The following components are part of Airy Core and they cannot be uninstalled:

  • airy-controller
  • api-admin
  • communication
  • api-websocket
  • frontend-inbox
  • frontend-control-center

Here is a list of the open source components which can be added to Airy Core:

  • api-contacts
  • integration-source-api
  • integration-webhook
  • media-resolver
  • sources-chatplugin
  • sources-facebook
  • sources-google
  • sources-twilio
  • sources-viber
  • sources-whatsapp
  • flink-connector

More information about the components API can be found here.