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Upgrade your Airy Core instance

Upgrade an existing installation of Airy Core.

Upgrade your CLI

In order to upgrade your Airy Core instance, first you need to upgrade your Airy CLI, depending on your installation method.

You can check the current version of your Airy CLI with the airy version command:

airy version
Version: 0.29.0, GitCommit: b47d7e46c884a45c4c2169f626ebd0ff9ff6ee8e

Upgrade your Airy Core instance


The upgrade of your Airy Core cluster will lead to downtime. Usually it takes seconds, but in case there is a migration or a reset of some of the streaming apps, this process might take longer, depending on the amount of data you have.

Before you proceed, refer to the Release documentation for any upgrade notes or steps.

The upgrade process will not delete any of the persistent data that is kept inside the Kafka cluster. Use the airy upgrade command to perform the upgrade of your Airy Core instance. Run airy upgrade to return information about your current Airy Core version and the latest version available. You will be prompted to proceed with the upgrade (omit this prompt by using the --approve flag).

$ airy upgrade
CLI version: 0.29.0
Current Airy Core version: 0.28.0
New Airy Core version: 0.29.0

Are you sure that you want to proceed? [Y/y]

You need to be inside an Airy Core workspace directory to run the command.

You can overwrite the path by specifying the --workspace flag, for example:

airy upgrade --workspace ~/.airy/production.

The upgrade will continue until complete. You will receive a notification to confirm that the upgrade was successful. The version will be updated inside the Kubernetes cluster and in your local airy.yaml file.

Upgrading the helm charts of Airy Core...
Applying config from the configuration file.
applied configuration for "security"
Writing the new version into the configuration file.
Copying the configuration file in the Airy Core K8s cluster.

✅ Airy Core upgraded

Upgrade using Helm

If you used Helm to deploy Airy Core, you can upgrade with the helm upgrade command:

helm repo add airy
helm repo update
helm upgrade airy airy/airy --values ./airy.yaml --timeout 10m

or to upgrade to a specific version:

VERSION=$(curl -L -s
helm upgrade airy${VERSION}.tgz --values ./airy.yaml

Cleanup the upgrade

The upgrade will create few additional resources (Kubernetes jobs and configMaps) which are not deleted automatically, so that there is a better insight of what happened during the upgrade. To cleanup those resources, run:

kubectl delete pods -l job-name=helm-runner
kubectl delete configmap -l"true"
kubectl delete job -l"true"
kubectl delete job -l"post-upgrade"


In case the upgrade fails, first you can inspect the reason for the failure by running this command:

kubectl logs -l job-name=helm-runner

After that, you can rollback to your previous Airy Core version. Clean-up the upgrade resources as instructed in the previous section and run:

helm rollback airy
airy config apply
kubectl delete pod -l app=airy-controller


If you need further help, refer to our Troubleshooting section.