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Release Process

Airy Core follows a scheduled release process: we release a new version every week. This approach allows us to ship smaller releases which ease the risk of breaking changes and brings new features and bug-fixes to our users in a timely manner.


The release scripts needs a GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable with write permission to the Airy organization to function correctly

Standard release#

Once a release day comes, we execute the following steps:

  • We clean up the draft release. If the upgrade to the new version requires manual steps, we detail them.
  • We run ./scripts/ start x.y.z
  • We wait for the release candidate CLI to be pushed and then download it by running:
    • wget$VERSION-rc/darwin/amd64/airy
    • chmod +x airy
  • We test the release using ./airy create --provider=minikube. Note that:
    • Any additional hot-fix is committed directly to the release branch
    • You must wait for all the images to be pushed via CI
  • Once we're satisfied with the release, we publish the release:
    • We run ./scripts/ finish x.y.z
    • We update the version string to x.y.z and the sha to in the Homebrew Formula for the CLI
    • We archive cards in the done column of the work in progress board
    • We publish the release and announce it!

As part of the release process we are also releasing a command line client - the Airy CLI.

You can check out existing releases on GitHub.

Hotfix release#

In case we need to hotfix a release, we follow a different process. At the moment, the process is completely manual and goes as follows:

  • Create a new branch from main called hotfix/description-of-the-fix
  • Update version file
  • Update the changelog
  • Test the hotfix
  • Merge to main and develop (do not alter the VERSION file in develop)
  • Write a custom release draft
  • Publish the draft
  • Merge the branch to develop while not altering the VERSION file since the release script already set it to 0.16.0-alpha
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