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Live Chat overview

Airy's Live Chat Plugin is an open-source chat widget that is fully customizable and included in Airy Core.


Having a Live Chat plugin on your website has become essential. Connect with your website visitors, communicate with them in real time, or use a bot to automate FAQs.

Airyโ€™s Live Chat Plugin comes out of the box fully functioning, and thanks to its open-source nature and React Render Props, you can customize everything about it.

Out of the box Airyโ€™s Live Chat Plugin supports:

  • Full customization of look, feel and features
  • All message types, including emojis
  • Rich Messaging with templates, cards and carousels

How it's builtโ€‹

The Airy Live Chat Plugin is a JavaScript library built with Preact and TypeScript.

The library makes heavy use of render props so that you can customize its behavior in every aspect. The library makes all of the communication with Airy Core transparent for you.


Completely customize your Live Chat and make it match your brand:

Supported message typesโ€‹

Airyโ€™s Live Chat Plugin supports the following message types:

  • Text Messages
  • Emojis
  • Rich Cards
  • Rich Card Carousels
  • Suggested Replies


Rich Card ExampleRich Card Carousel ExampleEmoji Example