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Contributing Components


While you can already contribute components exposing them to users via the catalog is still under development.


A component is a Helm Chart (a package of Kubernetes resources) that represents a functional unit in an Airy instance.

With every installation of Airy we bundle a set of default components to get you started:

  1. airy-controller
  2. api-admin
  3. api-communication
  4. api-websocket
  5. frontend-inbox
  6. frontend-control-center

Airy also provides a marketplace of plug and play components that extend the functionality of your Airy instance. You can install them through the catalog page in the Control Center UI of your Airy Instance or by using the install endpoint.

In the following, we will explain how to create, update and store components.

The Helm package and information on each component (except core components) are stored in an external repository managed by Airy called catalog. This repository is made up of directories where each directory contains a component's metadata.

The Component File Structure

Below is a model of the file structure of a single component inside the catalog repository.

└── description.yaml

The description.yaml completely defines a component so that it can be installed and displayed in the UI catalog.

It contains a description of its functionality, availability, version, and importantly the url of the helm chart used for installation. This file is written by the component maintainer and rendered into the UI of the Control Center.


Since all components are maintained by Airy, the versioning of every component is tied to the version of Airy. However, once we support 3rd party components, we will revisit our versioning system.


Developing your own Components

A step-by-step guide to creating your component!

Publishing your Component to the Airy Marketplace

A step-by-step guide to make your component available to the world!